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Mailbox Tools for Eudora is compilation of several related programs which goal is to recover or fix messages, or update Eudora's mailbox table of content or content files. Main tools are:

Link Attachments Tool

As Eudora handles attachments as separate files (located inside single attachments-directory), when attachments are deleted or moved to other location(s), file-references inside the messages remain broken. In other words, those references point to invalid (original) locations on the hard-drive.

Link Attachments Tool allows us to update those broken references so we can open and handle attachments from within the messages (Eudora's message windows).

Orphaned Attachments & Orphaned Embedded Files Tool

Detect and delete or move "orphaned" attachments/embedded files.

• Delete Duplicate Nicknames

Eliminate duplicate Address Book entries.

• Delete Duplicate Attachments

Eliminate duplicate attachments and/or embedded files.

Delete Headers

Delete unwanted headers from messages.

• Virtual Mailbox + Message Viewer

Displays messages from multiple mailboxes on a single list.

Provides "search on display" capability so only messages that satisfy given criteria are displayed.

Message Viewer allows us to add/move/remove attachments from messages, provides international language support and supports Windows text-to-speech engine.

Update Message Summaries

Update Sent-Received Status - This tool fixes incorrect outgoing/incoming message status.

Update Priority - This tool will (re)set message summary priority to the priority specified in the message header "X-Priority".

Update Attachment Status - Eudora's mailbox summary (or table of content) window displays graphical indicator (attached file icon) for messages with attachments. If attachment-references are added (to messages previously without attachments) or (completely) deleted from messages, TOC summary will display incorrect indicator. This tool resets the indicator so it reflects current attachments-status. Icon - when at least one attachment is present; No icon - when there are no attachment-references.

Update 'Who' Field - For "outgoing" messages, Who field is populated with the content of recipient(s)-message headers (To/CC/BCC). For "incoming messages", Who field is populated with the content of "From" message header. All fields are QP decoded, and contain both names and e-mail addresses.

Update Date n' Time - Sometimes Eudora displays message time incorrectly, when displayed in local timezone, bacuse of the uncounted time zone bias. Use this tool to correct it.

Update Size - If the message size as displayed in the table of content does not appear right, use this tool to correct it.

Update Subject - Update/reset Subject that appears in mailbox table of content (editable in message window) with the content of "Subject" message header (original subject).

• Inject Annotation Tool

Add additional text to messages.

• Separate Merged Messages

Sometimes after importing messages from other clients, or due to mailbox content or table of content corruption, Eudora may loose track of message delimiters and "merge" some of the messages. That results in displaying the content of two or more messages inside the message window. Use this tool to separate those messages.

Recover Deleted Messages

Use this tool to recover deleted messages (from non-compacted mailboxes) after emptying the Trash.

URL Harvester

Harvest / extract different types of URLs from all messages in checked mailboxes. Selected results can be copied to the clipboard, appended to Link History file, or exported to text files.

• Extract Headers, Extract Text Lines, Stack Message Windows and more...


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Application Notes

Current Version: 4.5
Full-Mode Single-User License: Only US$ 17
Released: Thursday, June 4, 2015

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