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Delete Duplicate Files

Because less is more if you get rid of the duplicates

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Delete Duplicate Files is powerful tool for detecting and deleting duplicated files. Some of the key features are:

Efficient and reliable detection and removal of duplicate files
Standard scanning method - Compare files by full content (Direct byte-for-byte or hash matches)
Light scanning method - Compare files by names, sizes, tags and other criteria
Variety of additional/secondary comparison criteria which can be used in conjunction with both methods
Fast performance over the network (Assuming no firewall if blocking the app)
Detailed results overview, including preview pane for plain text and some image files
User friendly and intuitive graphical interface
Alternative folder collections, settings and filters can be saved/loaded across sessions
Assign specific settings for individual folders
Handy On-Display Filter
Originals-Detection Rules and Prioritized Folders - Instruct the program which files should be considered the originals with ease
Filters - Target and compare only specific types of files
Actions to perform on duplicates: Delete, Wipe & Move
Comprehensive stats & logging - Track scanning history, detect pathology for duplicates creation
Full Unicode/International multi-code page support
32-bit and 64-bit edition
Performance settings - Adjust scanning speed and resources consumption to match your computer capacity
WinPE support - Scan your hard drives for duplicates before installing Windows
• Scan on Schedule Service - Schedule overnight routine scans
and much more!


DDF Installer

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Application Notes

Version: 6.8
Released: Sunday, November 28, 2021
Single-User License: Free to try. Registration: Only US$ 19
Release Notes


Delete Duplicate Files is a shareware program. This means that you can use it with the limited set of features for free (Demo-Mode), or register the program and gain the access to the full set of features (Full-Mode). To pay and order your registration information, please follow the link below:

Order via PayPal:

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