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Delete Duplicates for Outlook

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Delete Duplicates for Outlook offers:
Fast and reliable detection and removal of duplicate messages, contacts, calendar items, tasks, journal entries and notes
3 major scanning methods - Compare messages by content (Standard), by part of the content (Special) or by unique message-id's (Light)
Exclude/Include certain message headers from comparison / Compare headers by title and/or content
Compare attachments and/or embedded files, by name and/or by content
Originals Detection Rules - Declaire which duplicates should be considered "the originals"
Cross-mailbox scan - Compare for duplicates across several mailboxes or in within the boundaries of individual mailboxes
Prioritize mailboxes - Decide where are to the originals
Filters - Will let you narrow and speed up the search (by excluding certain message types from comparison)
Automatic action - Determine what to do with duplicates before starting the scan. Available actions are: Delete, Move, Wipe or Open
Manual action - Display Results
Support for Outlook versions: 2000/2/3/7/10/13/16
Use of Regular Expression
Stats - Track keyword occurrences inside duplicates
Additional scanning options & optimizations - So you can adjust performance to fit your hardware
Background scanning
Scan on Schedule Service
Sequential mailbox access
64-bit and 32-bit editions
Unicode support
and more...


DDO Installer - Local Mirror

Version: 8.5
Released: Saturday, October 24, 2020
Release Notes

External download-sites:


Delete Duplicates for Outlook is a shareware program. This means that you can use it with the limited set of features for free (Demo-Mode), or register the program and gain the access to the full set of features (Full-Mode). The registration price is US$ 19 only.

To order the full version, please follow the link below:

Order via PayPal:

If PayPal is not available in your country seek for alternative ways to place the order (ex. ShareIt) here on Commerce section.

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